此测试套件的目的是评估实施水平的安全性和会话发起协议(SIP)实现的鲁棒性。 资料来源:


  • 作者:奥卢大学
  • 许可:GPL第二版

    0x01 包括在PROTOS-SIP封装工具

    PROTOS-SIP - SIP测试套件 ```bash

    :~# protos-sip -h Usage java -jar .jar [ [OPTIONS] | -touri ] -touri Recipient of the request

                      Example: <addr> : 

-fromuri Initiator of the request Default:

-sendto Send packets to instead of domainname of -touri -callid Call id to start test-case call ids from Default: 0 -dport Portnumber to send packets on host. Default: 5060 -lport Local portnumber to send packets from Default: 5060 -delay Time to wait before sending new test-case Defaults to 100 ms (milliseconds) -replywait Maximum time to wait for host to reply Defaults to 100 ms (milliseconds) -file Send file instead of test-case(s) -help Display this help -jarfile Get data from an alternate bugcat JAR-file -showreply Show received packets -showsent Show sent packets -teardown Send CANCEL/ACK -single Inject a single test-case -start Inject test-cases starting from -stop Stop test-case injection to -maxpdusize Maximum PDU size Default to 65507 bytes -validcase Send valid case (case #0) after each test-case and wait for a response. May be used to check if the target is still responding. Default: off

## 0x02 protos-sip Usage Example

 :~# coming soon


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