EAP-MD5是不提供用户身份验证凭据充分的保护遗产认证机制。验证使用EAP-MD5受到自己的离线字典攻击的漏洞谁的用户。此工具将读取从监视器模式下的实时网络接口,或从存储的libpcap捕捉文件,并提取了EAP-MD5认证交换的部分。一旦挑战和响应部分已收集这种交流,eapmd5pass将安装针对用户的密码脱机字典攻击。 资料来源:http://www.willhackforsushi.com/code/eapmd5pass/1.4/README

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  • 作者:约书亚·赖特
  • 许可:GPL第二版

    0x01 包含在eapmd5pass包工具

    eapmd5pass - 对EAP-MD5字典攻击
    :~# eapmd5pass -h
    eapmd5pass - Dictionary attack against EAP-MD5
    Usage: eapmd5pass [ -i <int> | -r <pcapfile> ] [ -w wordfile ] [options]
    -i <iface>    interface name
    -r <pcapfile> read from a named libpcap file
    -w <wordfile> use wordfile for possible passwords.
    -b <bssid>    BSSID of target network (default: all)
    -U <username> Username of EAP-MD5 user.
    -C <chal> EAP-MD5 challenge value.
    -R <response> EAP-MD5 response value.
    -E <eapid>    EAP-MD5 response EAP ID value.
    -v        increase verbosity level (max 3)
    -V        version information
    -h        usage information
    The "-r" and "[-U|-C|-R|-E]" options are not meant to be used together.  Use -r
    when a packet capture is available.  Specify the username, challenge and
    response when available through other means.

    0x02 eapmd5pass用法示例

    :~# coming soon


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