FakeIKEd,或fiked的简称,是假的IKE服务支持刚够的标准和思科扩展到进攻中常见的不安全思科VPN PSK + XAUTH基于IPsec身份验证设置在什么可以被描述为一个半MITM攻击。 Fiked可以为了捕捉XAUTH登录凭据冒充VPN网关的IKE响应;目前它没有做全职中间人的客户端部分。 资料来源:

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  • 作者:丹尼尔·罗特利斯伯格
  • 许可:GPL第二版

    0x01 包含在fiked包工具

    fiked - 思科VPN攻击工具

    :~# fiked -h
    Usage: fiked [-rdqhV] -g gw -k id:psk [-k ..] [-u user] [-l file] [-L file]
      -r  use raw socket: forge ip src addr to match <gateway> (disables -u)
      -d  detach from tty and run as a daemon (implies -q)
      -q  be quiet, don't write anything to stdout
      -h  print help and exit
      -V  print version and exit
      -g gw   VPN gateway address to impersonate
      -k i:k  pre-shared key aka. group password, shared secret, prefixed
          with its group/key id (first -k sets default)
      -u user drop privileges to unprivileged user account
      -l file append results to credential log file
      -L file verbous logging to file instead of stdout

    0x02 fiked用法示例

    :~# coming soon


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