• 暴力破解的MAC地址来唤醒客户
  • 嗅探WOL尝试在网络上,并将它们保存到磁盘
  • 嗅探WOL密码在网络上,并将它们保存到磁盘
  • 醒来单一客户(后嗅探攻击)
  • 扫描苹果设备的网络WOL使上
  • 发送大量的WOL请求所有检测到的苹果客户端 资料来源:https://code.google.com/p/wol-e/

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  • 作者:纳撒尼尔·卡鲁
  • 许可:GPLv3的

    0x01 包括在WOL-E封装工具

    WOL-E - 网络唤醒浏览器
    :~# wol-e -h
    [*] WOL-E 1.0
    [*] Wake on LAN Explorer - A collection a WOL tools.
    [*] by Nathaniel Carew
          Waking up single computers.
          If a password is required use the -k 00:12:34:56:78:90 at the end of the above command.
          wol-e -m 00:12:34:56:78:90 -b -p <port> -k <pass>
          Port: 9
          Pass: empty
          Sniffing the network for WOL requests and passwords.
          All captured WOL requests will be displayed on screen and written to /usr/share/wol-e/WOLClients.txt.
          wol-e -s -i eth0
          Bruteforce powering on WOL clients.
          wol-e -a -p <port>
          Place the address ranges into the bfmac.lst that you wish to bruteforce.
          They should be in the following format:
          Default port: 9
          Detecting Apple devices on the network for WOL enabling.
          This will output to the screen and write to /usr/share/wol-e/AppleTargets.txt for detected Apple MAC's.
          wol-e -f
          Attempt to wake all detected Apple targets in /usr/share/wol-e/AppleTargets.txt.
          This will send a single WOL packet to each client in the list and tell you how many clients were attempted.
          wol-e -fa

    0x02 WOL-E用法示例

    检测苹果设备网络 (-f) 上:
    :~# wol-e -f
      [*] WOL-E 1.0 [*]
      [*] Wake on LAN Explorer - Scan for Apple devices.
      [*] arping on eth0
      [*] Apple device detected: de:ad:be:ef:46:32 saving to AppleTargets.txt


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