Inundator是一个多线程,队列驱动的,匿名的入侵检测误报发电机对多个目标的支持。 资料来源:

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  • 作者:epixoip,本地化
  • 许可:其它

    0x01 包含在inundator包工具

    inundator - 多线程的IDS误报发生器

    :~# inundator -h
    inundator - fills ids/ips/waf logs with false positives to obfuscate an attack.
    Syntax: /usr/bin/inundator [options] <target>
      -a, --auth          Credentials for SOCKS proxy in user:pass format.
                          Default: undef
      -d, --delay         Delay in microseconds (millionths of a second) after
              sending an attack.
                          Default: 0mus since we default to tor, and tor is slow.
      -n, --no-threads    Disable thread support.
              Default: threads are used.
      -p, --proxy         Define the SOCKS proxy to use for attacks in host:port
                          format. The use of a SOCKS proxy is mandatory for rather
                          obvious reasons.
                          Default: localhost:9050 (tor)
      -r, --rules         Path to directory containing Snort rules files.
                          Default: /etc/snort/rules/
      -s, --socks-version Specify SOCKS version to use (4 or 5).
                          Default: 5
      -t, --threads       Number of concurrent threads.
                          Default: 25
      -u, --use-comments  Don't ignore commented lines in Snort rules files.
                          Default: commented lines are ignored
      --verbose           Provide more information about attacks sent.
      --Version       Print version information and exit.
      - Single host (FQDN or ip addr)
      - Range of ip addrs
      - Subnet in CIDR format
    See 'man 1 inundator' for more information.

    0x02 inundator用法示例

    使用5个线程 (-t 5) 充斥目标系统 (

 :~# inundator -t 5
[+] queuing up attacks...
[+] queuing up target(s)...
[+] detecting open ports on
[+] child 1 now attacking.


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